Getting to know the President of European Parliament- Roberta Metsola

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Getting to know the President of European Parliament- Roberta Metsola

Roberta Metsola

In succession to Late David Sassoli, the European Parliament elected its third woman President Roberta Metsola in January 2022. Metsola, aged 43, is the youngest and the first Maltese President to hold the office ever.

Roberta Metsola Tedesco Triccas is a Maltese Christian-Democratic Politician who was first elected as a Member of European Parliament in 2013 and worked as the First Vice-President to the European Parliament in November 2020.

Her journey in politics began as one of the two vice-presidents of the executive board of the Youth Convention on the Future of Europe. She was also actively involved in the campaigning for the 2003 EU membership referendum. Her participation during the referendum campaign was recognized by Malta’s Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi. Metsola was encouraged to apply for the 2004 European elections as a candidate for the National Party. Although she was not elected then, she made it to the European Parliament as a member in 2013 from European People’s Party Group (EPP), securing her seat as the first ever female Maltese member.

Metsola is best known for her boldness and determinant qualities. A mother of four, Metsola herself considers a fighter who refuses to give up. Her goal of representing Malta in the European Union in 2004 is what drove her political activism from an early age. She is also known as the bridge-builder as her election to presidency was consensual and conflict-free.

As a member of European Parliament, her involvement was significant in leading EPP representation that advocated against gender based discrimination. Her role during the European migrant crisis in 2016 was also crucial to establish a new EU wide approach to connect EU and non-EU countries. She also openly condemned Maltese government after the murder case of a journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia and advocated for the media freedom and fighting corruption.

However, her constant pro-life stance has been a matter of criticism in the parliament. Metsola, like other Maltese MEPs have consistently voted for anti-abortion, which is not a surprise since she comes from a country which has one of the most strict laws against abortion. Malta is the only country in EU which has not legalized abortion.

Metsola’s tenure has begun in a crucial time as the Russia-Ukraine war is escalating and Ukraine is applying to join the European Union.





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