Who are we?

About Us

The Women’s Network for Change (WNC) was founded in 2015 at a time when the world, more than ever, was facing the global threat of Islamic extremism and fundamentalism. Women have been the prime victims of this toxic ideology and are the best suited to bring about radical change.

At a time when global peace and security as well as the achievements of decades of women’s struggle for equality is endangered, the formation of the WNC is a collective effort towards establishing peace as well as protecting and further promoting the accomplishments of the equality movement.

Since our establishment in 2015, we have brought together women from around the world who are united in working for peace and promoting political, economic and social justice for all. Our strength lies in our ability to link the international and local levels. We are very proud to voice the concerns of increasingly marginalized women who are targeted by the cultures of extremism and fundamentalism and together, we find solutions for helping women in need.

Our Vision

  • WNC believes that women’s rights are human rights. This principle is integral to our mandate.
  • WNC believes in full gender equality without any exceptions.
  • WNC believes that women are the force for change and that their active participation in all areas, including political leadership is necessary for peace, economic growth, progress and true stability.
  • WNC believes that eliminating the culture of patriarchy and promoting gender equality will benefit men, women and all persons to better reach their fullest human potential.
  • WNC believes in freedom of religion and beliefs and strongly opposes fundamentalism and recognizes it as a threat to global peace and security as well as the achievements of women.
  • WNC believes in the separation of church and state. We also believe in promoting coexistence among people of different faiths and ethnicities.
  • WNC believes that supporting the struggle of women against Islamic fundamentalism, particularly Muslim women, is the duty of all women and essential to the equality movement.

Our Mission

  • Build a global network of women, committed to advancing gender parity in the face of growing extremism and Islamic fundamentalism as the central, strategic avenue for achieving peace, security and stability.
  • Challenge the root causes of oppression, economic disparities, and political disempowerment and to extensively support women’s participation in decision making and economic management levels.
  • Voice the concerns of women around the world who are victims of suppression, violence, misogyny, discrimination and social injustice under the false banner of religion.
  • Support the struggle and efforts of women combatting fundamentalism, particularly Muslim women, and to cooperate with them in all areas in the framework of WNC’s visions.
  • Promoting better understanding and cooperation among all women, men and persons who reject patriarchal culture and believe in gender equality.
  • Host conferences, demonstrations, exhibitions, as well as facilitate workshops and publish books, booklets and other informative documents that counter the influence of Islamic fundamentalism and inform a culture of tolerance and gender equality.
  • Engage with news and media outlets to furnish publications, provide informative interviews and generate key public discussions on women’s issues in women targeted forums and magazines.
  • Participate in seminars organized by international and governmental bodies to exchange experiences, to increase women’s rights and to advance the equality movement.