A teenage girl set on fire as punishment in Pakistan

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June 2, 2016
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June 13, 2016
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A teenage girl set on fire as punishment in Pakistan

A 16-year-old girl was first kidnapped, drugged and then, set on fire in Pakistan. The shocking story badly shook the nation and everyone was curious to find out the real reason for killing. A number of stories appear on news related to women and how they suffer from their lives. But, this news created a layer of shock among teenagers and adults of every age.

The story revealed that she helped her friend elope thus it became the prominent reason to set ablaze her body on the orders of Council members, belonging to Galyat’s Makol village.

The traditional tribal council gave orders to the girl be put to the death sentence as a strict punishment for helping a couple to get married. The ridiculous decision took place among the local elders and they decided to announce a severe penalty so that no girl in future helps her classmate elope.

The concerned officials stated that the members first strangled and then took the girl to an unidentified place. Drugs were used to make her unconscious and she was forcibly put in a Suzuki van. Few people made her seated in the backseat of the van and tied her hands. The vehicle was doused with petrol and the girl was burnt alive.

According to the BBC, a local official said, “We went to the place and found three vehicles parked next to each other that were all burned. In one of the vehicle, we saw a body. We couldn’t recognize her then. But found a few bangles on one of her arms establishing that this was a woman’s body”

Further investigation into the matter revealed that a couple eloped with the girl’s help and a driver Naseer. The reports also said that the girl was set on fire in the name of ‘honour killing’ as the girl has brought dishonor to the tribe by helping her friend Saima.

The District Police Officer shared with media, “Police have traced the accused through mobile data and they were picked up one after another. The accused confessed during the investigation that a few months back Saima, a school girl from the same village and tribe, eloped with her boyfriend and her facilitated their frequent meetings and later their elopement”

To your surprise, her mother knew all about the decision of the local elders and she did not inform Police about the orders. In this story, the mother of the girl is equally responsible for hiding the issue and putting her daughter into a barbaric death attack.

On the other hand, Saima, the girl who eloped, stated that her friend knew nothing about her marriage and she was not her friend.

“Those who burnt her are now threatening me, and we ask the authorities to provide us security.” Saima requested for security.

The UN approximately evaluates a number of more than 5000 women became victims of honor killing worldwide.

According to the annual report 2015 of Human Rights Commission Of Pakistan, nearly 1100 women were killed in Pakistan last year by their relatives for bringing dishonor to their families.

In Pakistan, women and teenage girls are often killed on the blame of ‘honour killing’. The tribal areas belong to the country have people with typical mindsets who prefer a murder rather than a free choice to live.

The story of a school girl has gained immense significance on national and international media. Even the alarming news disseminated on the social media within a day. The satisfactory news is that the culprits of the male tribal council got arrested and jailed by the concerned authorities.

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