Different lands, common goals

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April 24, 2016
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Different lands, common goals

The Association of Italian Jurist (AGI) of Palermo, Italy held a three-day conference from April 20 – 23 to focus on women’s rights, immigration rights and to study the Istanbul convention. The topic of the event was “Different lands, common goals”.

The conference was held with members of the Fédération Internationale des Femmes des Carrières Juridiques (FIFCJ) presided by Mrs. Maria Elena Elverdin.

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On the occasion of the arrival of the bureau of the Federation Internationale des Femmes des Carrieres juridiques (FIFCJ) to Italy, the Association of Jurists of Palermo (Italy) organized an international conference on 21 to 23 April, entitled “Different Lands, common goals “.
Speakers included the President of FIFCJ, Maria Elena Elverdin, from Buenos Aires. A lawyer representing the Federation at the United Nations, Prof.. Anna La Rana National President of AGI and French , Finnish, Argentinian, Brazilian, Turkish, Italian, African jurists and representatives of the WNC to “discuss issues confronting experiences and different cultures that originate from different legal systems,” says the President of AGI Palermo Maria Beatrice Scimeca.
“It presented great themes such as the Istanbul Convention, immigration, the right to citizenship of migrants and issues relating to the reconciliation of work and family life, especially when there is the presence of a disabled person in a family”, she added.
The conference was a great success.

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