November 2023

November 26, 2023

Unyielding Daughters and Resilience: A Triumph Against Violence on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Naples bore witness to a momentous event. It’s a multidisciplinary event taking place at Foqus Fondazione Quartieri Spagnoli onlus, set to be a day of testimonies, arts, dance, reflection, and creativity to combat all forms of gender violence. “Indomitable and Resistant Daughters” stands as a celebration of art, music, creative education workshops, performances, and discussions within the female universe. This event, with free entry, unfolded on November 25th, 2023, […]
November 4, 2023

Indispensable Role of Women in Promoting Peace Amidst Global Conflicts

In a world riddled with conflicts and crises, the role of women in promoting peace has become increasingly vital. Women’s involvement in peace-building efforts has proven to be not only beneficial but often indispensable, offering fresh perspectives, empathy, and innovative solutions to the complex problems that persist. While women have historically been underrepresented in peace processes and conflict resolution, the 21st century has witnessed a growing recognition of their importance. Today, with numerous conflicts and tensions prevailing across the globe, […]